Aws Legal Internship

Our legal team is deeply involved in all aspects of Amazon`s diverse business and operations, from researching groundbreaking new products and services to bringing our best ideas to market and operating effectively on a global scale. We`re full members of Amazon teams that disrupt established business practices for the benefit of our customers – whether it`s reading books on a device (Kindle), delivering just about everything you need quickly (; PrimeNow), establish the cloud as a business site (AWS), deliver packages by drone (PrimeAir), launch new TV shows (transparent and Mozart in the Jungle, Golden Globe winners, for best TV series – musical or comedy) and many more. The scope of our work is truly incredible. The legal team hires at all levels, including in-house counsel, senior in-house counsel, associate general counsel, contract managers, legal assistants and executive assistants for roles to support our rapidly growing and evolving businesses. We are looking for current undergraduate and graduate students for internships and full-time opportunities in a variety of roles, including Software Development Engineers (SDEs), Support Engineers, Product Managers, Operations Managers, Applied Scientists, Vendor Managers, Cloud Support Associates, sales specialists, financial analysts, etc. We hire teams at Amazon, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), consumers, devices, finance, legal, operations, and recruitment. If you are insatiably curious and want to know more and more, then you have come to the right place. To keep up with Amazon`s growing list of exciting business opportunities, we`re looking for exceptional lawyers who thrive on big challenges, think creatively and analytically to solve tough problems, and consistently achieve great results despite all adversities. We want people who are passionate about working with innovative and disruptive companies to deliver incredible customer experiences. As a member of our team, you will be surrounded by exceptionally talented, intelligent and passionate people. You will work in an energetic but relaxed environment (yes, dogs are allowed here). You will be part of a customer-centric culture. We take hard work, fun and history seriously – if it sounds interesting to you, join us.

We are always looking for the best talent! See how fast the semester goes by as you change the world. Get the latest insights from AWS innovators, exclusive learning opportunities, and important career advice that can help you get the job you want. Internships allow you to immerse yourself in Amazon`s culture and determine if we fit your work style and career goals. Software developers at AWS continue to raise the bar for technical excellence. If you work here, you`ll see why everything we create has the potential to have a huge impact on our customers around the world. At Amazon Web Services, we strive every day to innovate and disrupt the status quo. We pride ourselves on taking unexpected paths and seeing things from different angles. We develop technologies that change our industry. We turn complex technical challenges into customer success. We create work that we are proud of. A job that our customers love.

A job that will change your CV – and the world. Start. We can`t wait to see what you build here. Looking for challengers, bar raisers and new perspectives. Join us to learn more about Amazon, find out how today`s Amazons have developed their careers, and find the role that`s right for you. We are always looking for the best ways to achieve great results while maintaining flexibility for our customers. If you prefer to work remotely, you can search our growing list of remote positions for a role that`s right for you. For all other positions, the frequency on site varies depending on the role and team you are applying for. Discover our features remotely only » Discover additional roles for students in our global network of distribution centers and delivery stations. When it comes to working these days, it`s more important than ever where we work.

For a company as large as AWS, no single return-to-office solution works for every team. So, to maximize collaboration and connection, each team determines what works best for their group. Some teams will continue to work remotely, others will be able to return to the office as a group, or others will opt for a combination of both. How many times can you say that your work really changes the world? They will often say it with us. We strive to hire curious and talented minds from universities around the world. We have technical and non-technical career opportunities at Amazon for students from all walks of life. We are a global company made up of unique personalities with different experiences and backgrounds, and we unite around our commitment to delighting customers and making their lives easier. At Amazon, your voice and ideas can lead to breakthroughs. Working at AWS is different because AWS is different. We hire talented people and give them the tools and support they need to change the way the world works. From the autonomy to explore innovative solutions to meaningful work that has a real impact on the world, learn why AWS is the best place to build and learn. Insights into AWS » As a newcomer, you`ll be involved and appreciated from the start.

You`ll do meaningful work alongside colleagues and leaders – challenging each other, challenging ideas constructively, and committing to the best results that impact millions of customers. You`ll be part of a team that is constantly innovating, disrupting, and delivering efficiency – what seems impossible, makes it possible. At Amazon, we want you to be the best version of yourself to continuously evolve and improve. You`ll get the resources and support to go your own way by taking ownership of your development, career, and future. Amazon Web Services offers a number of specialized beginner possibilities for students around the world. When you join AWS, you`ll find a world of opportunities wherever you are. From software developers in Seattle working with their counterparts in Singapore to machine learning researchers in Tel Aviv sharing studies with their colleagues in Texas, you`ll find smart, passionate, and innovative developers working together to develop for the cloud.