Bachelor Legal Studies

Many careers in the legal field seem to be in particular demand. According to the BLS, the number of jobs for paralegals is expected to increase by 12% between 2020 and 2030, while the number of jobs for lawyers is expected to increase by 9%. Many non-profit organizations are committed to reforming the criminal justice system or the relationship between law and order. Some people with a background in law do not work directly in the legal field, but they apply their industry knowledge in non-profit institutions. These professionals can plan fundraising initiatives, monitor budget plans, communicate with corporate sponsors, and oversee day-to-day operations. At South University, our partially online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies can provide you with the relevant skills and experience to find yourself in an entry-level position as a paralegal: Learn to communicate in a legal environment and create written legal correspondence. Study the role of the paralegal in civil proceedings. Start your path to pre-law or a job in the legal system with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies. Courses are designed to develop your critical thinking and reasoning skills in order to successfully analyze from a legal, ethical and logical point of view, while providing a solid foundation for understanding the law and the legal system. Best of all, whether you choose online or on campus, you`ll be taught by the same experienced professors with real knowledge of their field. Penn State`s online Bachelor of Laws and Society, offered through its global campus, offers courses such as rights in America, the U.S. legal process, and current legal issues.

The degree consists of 30-39 credits of elective courses, allowing learners to complete a second major or minor. In Davenport`s Bachelor of Legal Studies program, you`ll learn from lawyers who are at different stages of their careers, from professors with decades of experience to practicing lawyers who bring the latest legal trends into the classroom. Your connections to the legal community are deep and can mean potential internship or career opportunities for you. Peirce helps learners refine interviews and continue their writing skills. Graduates of paralegal studies earn jobs with an average starting salary of about $38,000. In recent years, the legal field has diversified and many people have taken on exciting new positions. As the field has grown and developed, so do the employment interests and goals of college graduates who are interested in working in law but may not want to become practicing lawyers. USC Gould`s Bachelor of Laws provides students with a solid foundation that prepares them for innovative and emerging job opportunities or graduate studies. Are you planning to pursue legal jobs or get your law degree? Davenport University`s Bachelor of Laws degree can put you on the path to law school, help you develop the skills you need for a paralegal program, or prepare you to work in a law firm, government agency, or other law-related environment. These professionals support lawyers and paralegals in various administrative tasks. They prepare legal documents and correspondence documents such as subpoenas, motions and subpoenas using appropriate syntax and terminology.

They also communicate with clients, lawyers and other lawyers. Paralegals employed by the federal government earned a median annual salary of $69,490 in May 2020, while those employed by financial and insurance agencies earned $66,390, according to BLS. Social managers employed by local government agencies earned a median annual salary of $87,720. For example, the number of jobs for arbitrators, mediators and arbitrators is expected to increase by 10% from 2020 to 2030. Paralegal and paralegal jobs are expected to grow by 12 percent over the same decade, surpassing the average growth rate of 8 percent for all U.S. professions. This course explores the myriad of resources available for legal research and reporting, case law analysis, and filings of legal, administrative and judicial regulations and decisions. Many practical writing applications for legal briefs, memoranda and professional communication will use a case study methodology. Prospective students must have at least 30 transferable credits. Other application documents contain a statement of intent. All law students pay the same tuition fees regardless of where they live. Start your career with an online Bachelor of Laws degree.

Use this resource, created by BestColleges` college experts, to explore your career options, salaries, courses, and concentrations in legal studies. Purdue Global`s law degree programs, taught by experienced professionals, are designed to prepare students for rewarding careers in legal or policy-oriented fields. † program is enhanced by selected internship courses to create your resume while earning university credits. This valuable experience can help you stand out in the job market. Personalize your education with a hands-on curriculum and specialized electives. A paralegal major is also offered. The Legal Studies Program is a paralegal training program approved by the American Bar Association. This program cannot be completed entirely online.

A large part of the courses in this program must be completed in traditional face courses. Paralegals and paralegals cannot provide legal services directly to the public unless permitted by law. If your goal is to become a licensed attorney in California, consider the JD program at Concord Law School. JD graduates meet the legal education requirements of the California State Bar Examiners Committee. Online Bachelor of Laws programs typically consist of 120 credits required and last approximately four years of full-time study. Asynchronous part-time or self-learning programs usually take longer. Your online law degree will give you a solid understanding of the legal system, legal research, legal writing and professionalism in the field. They also take courses on advocacy, family affairs, international law, etc. By exploring the intersection of law and business, law and technology, you will remain at the forefront of this ever-changing field. From 2020 to 2030, BLS predicts that the number of jobs for arbitrators, mediators and arbitrators will increase by 10%. The number of jobs for paralegals is expected to increase by 12%, and the number of jobs for community and social managers is expected to increase by 15%. Hodges University`s online Bachelor of Laws degree program offers an optional blended learning option.

Students can take some courses at the university campus in Naples, Florida. The most important requirements include legal interpretation, an introduction to constitutional law, and legal research and drafting. Students customize the program by selecting 12 elective courses. A Bachelor of Laws can be a good financial investment. The legal sector also offers a wide range of possibilities. In this program, students can develop research and writing skills and learn how to sift through technical legal texts and documents. Students with strong written communication, organizational and analytical skills are often well suited to this field of study. This programme is particularly suitable for students who are interested in a career that integrates legal concepts with other disciplines – or requires familiarity with many aspects of the legal system.