Benzo Legal in Us

Benzodiazepines can be legally possessed as long as they are prescribed by a licensed physician and possessed in accordance with state and federal laws. Due to their status as List IV controlled substances, there are a number of offences related to the use, possession and distribution of prescription benzodiazepines without a valid prescription. Abrupt or rapid discontinuation of etizolam, as with benzodiazepines, can lead to the development of benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome, including rebound insomnia. [21] Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, a rare phenomenon of benzodiazepine withdrawal, has been documented in a case of abrupt withdrawal from etizolam. [22] This is particularly relevant given the short half-life of etizolam compared to benzodiazepines such as diazepam, which leads to a faster decrease in drug levels in blood plasma. [23] Although it is a thienodiazepine, etizolam is clinically considered a benzodiazepine because it acts via the benzodiazepine receptor and directly targets GABAA receptors. [11] To legally possess prescription benzodiazepines, a person must have a valid prescription from a licensed physician, possess the substance in an amount equal to the prescription allowance, and ensure that their prescription has not expired. There are no exceptions to these rules. Possession of a benzodiazepine prescription that violates any of the above conditions is a criminal offence that may result in a misdemeanour or criminal prosecution and significant legal and financial consequences.

It has anxiolytic, amnesian, anticonvulsant, hypnotic, soothing and relaxing properties for skeletal muscles. [12] Etizolam is an anxiolytic with less adhesion than benzodiazepines. [13] Proper storage and possession of prescription benzodiazepines is particularly important in states where possession of prescription drugs outside the original container is considered a criminal offence. In these states, an order must be kept in the original container to be considered lawful possession. These laws contain certain exceptions to common sense, such as the use and necessary repackaging of drugs in other approved medical containers. However, the laws specifically prohibit the storage of prescriptions in unauthorized purses, bags, bags, or other storage devices. Etizolam is a potential drug of abuse. Cases of etizolam dependence have been documented in the medical literature. [54] However, conflicting World Health Organization reports published in 1991 deny allegations of abuse. [55] Since 1991, cases of abuse and dependence on etizolam have increased significantly due to differences in accessibility and cultural popularity.[56] [57] Pills sold under the name Xanax or other benzodiazepines and produced illegally may often contain etizolam instead of their listed ingredient [58][41] Although Appendix IV indicates that benzodiazepines are less likely to be abused than other types of controlled substances, benzodiazepines are still commonly used drugs. Etizolam is not approved by the FDA for medical purposes in the United States. However, it currently remains unscheduled at the federal and legal level for research purposes from March 2020.

[5] As of March 2016, etizolam was a controlled substance in the following states: Alabama[48], Arkansas[49], Florida[50], Georgia (as Schedule IV, while all other states listed here prohibit it as a Schedule I substance), Louisiana, Mississippi[51], Texas[52], South Carolina[1] and Virginia. [53] He has been controlled in Indiana since July 1, 2017. [3] It has been controlled in Ohio since February 2018. The severity of penalties associated with charges of possession of benzodiazepines varies considerably from state to state. Anyone who has concerns about their state`s respective laws and penalties should consult a lawyer or their prescribing physician. Of course, pharmaceutical drugs aren`t the only legal drugs that kill tens of thousands of Americans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the two deadliest drugs in America — tobacco and alcohol — kill 480,000 and 88,000 people, respectively, each year. People with benzodiazepine addiction and substance use disorders are unlikely to legally acquire benzodiazepines all the time and, therefore, buy them on the black market or acquire them through prescription fraud. These methods of acquisition are associated with their own criminal sanctions. This article contains information on why benzodiazepines are controlled substances, what are the classifications of controlled substances and includes a list of benzodiazepines with their common side effects. Prescription benzodiazepines in their various forms are detectable in urine, blood and hair follicle tests for a significant period of time after use.

Due to their relatively short elimination half-life of (maximum) 24 hours, prescription benzodiazepines are usually out of the user`s system a few days after use. Despite their short half-life, prescription benzodiazepines remain detectable in urine tests for an average of three to six weeks, in blood tests for up to three days, and in hair follicle tests for up to 90 days after use.