Bombe Poivre anti Agression Legal

This tear gas spray of 30 ml of pepper spray, dosed at 10% OC, is the refill made. Pocket Decontamination Spray for SHIELD BIO Pepper Spray – 118ml A tear gas can work in the same way as a Rosol, for example, to separate© a©room. The container©contains a product such as gas or gel and a propellant that is pressed©©© into the window bomb. © When the push button or release button is pressed, a valve opens and causes the product to be driven into the air by an evaporation principle in the form of microdroplets or fine particles. The answer©is a big YES, you can buy and have as much tear gas canister as you want at home, in your home, there is no limit, no restriction. Everything depends on a kind of aggression©, the law is quite clear, the©defense must be proportional to the aggression, to the attack. If you are verbally attacked, you©cannot crack© with a tear gas canister, the©defense is©disproportionate to the assault. On the other hand, if someone tries to hit you, for example, with a sound, you can use your self-defense© spray, because in this case, the defense is well proportional to the attack©. A distinction should be made between cans that use a solution of CS and those that use a SOLUTION of CO (pepper). The special female tear gas canister: LADY`S DEFENDER. Specially designed for women who.

The tear gas canisters we sell spray CS gas or gel (CS or OC). Find all our models of tear gas grenades made exclusively in France on our site The Pepper Bomb is an anti-aggression bomb that projects a concentrated pepper that has the particularity of being effective to defend against dogs and all other aggressive animals. It consists of a natural irritant, the effectiveness of which can no longer be proven for self-defense: OC pepper (Oleoresin capsicum), red pepper, parika. It is therefore not allowed to use pepper spray to defend oneself in France. The mere fact of relying on the fact of protecting oneself from a possible criminal offence is not sufficient in itself. (The source). To buy a tear gas canister, you have 2 options, either in the physical armory or on the Internet, for example on securicount. If you order your window©bomb directly from our website, you can get it at home in 24 to 48 hours. Pepper spray Lady TW1000 – 20 ml with case Cordura Securicount has selected©© for you a whole range of defensive weapons©for©©women.

You will find on our site several tear gas canisters adapted© to all dangerous situations. Among these fense bombs, you can opt for a pink model like the 17, 25 or 50 ml bomb©, which is very effective thanks to its pepper gel active ingredient. Pepper gel, also called© O.C. substance, is impressive against any individual, even under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as well as against aggressive animals. These so-called anti-aggression weapons©are classified© in category©D up to a certain capacity. All bombs with a capacity of less than or less than©100 ml are classified as category D. Models over©100 ml, such as Reißlöschbomben 300 ml or 500ml, are©© classified in category©©B. All our CS gas or gel bombs, 17, 25, 50, 75 ml are therefore not classified and can be purchased, held, transported and transported free of charge. Any other defensive aerosol with a larger volume (300 ml and 500 ml), based on CS gas, CS gel or pepper, is approved for sale and possession, but transport and transport are prohibited except for legitimate reasons. The OC pepper tear gas canister in the form of foam is particularly recommended. The French law on defensive weapons classifies tear gas canisters in category©D, i.e. their carrying and transport are strictly prohibited by the©legislation on weapons©© of self-defense.

Although the police security system is in place, risk 0 does not exist and some French people are victims of attacks of all kinds. It is important to be able to defend yourself in such a situation and to have the right gestures and reflexes. Are any defensive weapons approved for sale usable in such a situation? The French are right to ask the question, especially with regard to pepper anti-aggression spray. You should know that even if pepper and chili pepper are natural tear gas, the respiratory tract is even more affected by a spray of pepper tear gas than with CS gas. The advantage of the pepper-pepper tear gas canister is related to its high effectiveness. However, everything remains under control and without any real risk of sequelae for the aggressor. A throw of this anti-aggression weapon will neutralize the most motivated or angry aggressors and will defeat anyone who is even drugged or in an advanced state of intoxication and therefore not very sensitive. The addition of pepper also has the advantage that this tear gas solution is effective against very aggressive animals. In case of aggression, the use of a tear gas canister is very simple, just press or trigger a button to trigger© a jet of tear product, but some precautions©and advice are to be known. It is necessary to take into account© the type of bomb used©, that is, whether it is gas or gel. We will not attack an attacker with a gas bomb in the same way as with a gel base.

With a gas bomb, you can gas a person without aiming too much at a fixed point, but simply sweep from left to right so that the tearable product is propelled© to cause some kind of fog. With a gel bomb, it will be necessary to aim more©accurately, since the gel is directive, the product is screwed©© directly to the point. Pepper spray, or usually called a tear gas can only be sold, transported and transported for legitimate reasons. It is a category D weapon whose carrying and transport is prohibited, except for legitimate reasons. In the case of a security check, you must be able to provide a legitimate reason. To determine a legitimate reason, you can consider location, circumstances, and context (source). The new classification of weapons classifies tear gas canisters in category D: the purchase and possession of a tear gas canister is free of charge (except for minors), transport and transport are prohibited unless there is a legitimate reason. The answer©is no, you are not allowed to wear or wear anti-aggression©rosole except for a©legitimate© reason. If you have a defensive bomb in your pocket, simple arguments like «I`m scared, I don`t feel safe©, I expect danger, ..» will not stand up to a policeman©or© gendarme. The judgment on your situation will be specific to each person who controls you. Maybe one police officer will tell you that you have the right, and another will tell you that no, it is forbidden. You do not feel safe, you need to be reassured, you have already been harassed by a person or an animal on your favorite route? Tear gas can be of great help to you: by its mere presence at your side, its deterrent aspect, or simply by the effects produced, it can save you from delicate situations.

You still have to choose the one that is adapted to your situation: if all the disabled products included in our models are terribly effective, the size and format are different: you must choose the one that best suits the conditions in which you are likely to use them. Small models (17ml, 25ml or even 50ml) to put in your pocket or bag. Larger models (50ml, 75ml) fit in a backpack, your glove box. The largest models are reserved for your home (300ml, 500ml) or your professional activity, which may require the use of these large format accessories. In recent years©, defensive bombs, called©© fire extinguishers, with a capacity of more than 100 ml, have been©declared© and© approved. Self-defense set 3 pepper bombs Concorde Gel – 2X25ml / 75ml CS is the tear gas par excellence, orthocholorobenzal malononitril. Pepper is the oleoresin capsicum of pepper. Security is an important concern of the French. It is also an important demand of political actors during elections. It is important that every citizen feels safe and that the guarantee of the latter can be ensured by various methods. The police and gendarmerie forces are partially present to ensure the respect of order and the safety of people on French territory.

Do you want©to secure your home? The tear gas canister is an excellent defensive weapon ©to protect© you effectively in all circumstances.