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Boston LegalBrotherly LoveSeason 3, Episode 19Written by: David E. Kelley 2007 David E. Kelley© Productions. All rights reservedDate of broadcast: April 10, 2007Written by Sheri for [Version updated on April 12, 2007]Transcribed from the episode broadcast; This is not an official scriptCrane, Poole & Schmidt: Reception AreaLift. Frank Cox: To the Receptionist: Hey, how do you do it! Frankie Cox Look for a guy named Alan Shore. I think he works here in the area of litigation. To the paralegal: Hey, how do you do that? Receptionist: Do you have an appointment? Frank Cox: No, I`m a walk-up, but I`m a lawyer myself, so, you know. pulls a business card from his inner pocket of superior jacket Professional courtesy and all. Here is my map. To the visiting lawyer: Hey, how do you do it? Receptionist: Uh, can I tell him what it is? Frank Cox: You can do that if the privilege extends to receptionists here. Receptionist: I would have to tell him something, sir. Frank Cox: Okay.

I killed someone. Who works for you? Alan Shore`s officeFrank Cox: I didn`t kill anyone, I just did, uh. well, I decorated. You know, I`m trying to put my foot in the door a little bit. You know what I mean. You`re a busy guy. I thought, «Hey, do it right.» Alan Shore: Well, murder is a dandy. Frank Cox smiled.

Alan Shore: What`s the real reason you take my time busy? Frank Cox: Well. It`s actually murder, but, uh, I didn`t. Alan Shore looks at him questioningly. Frank Cox: My brother did. Alan Shore: Your brother did it? Frank Cox: Yes, he killed his wife. But if you know him, you`d be shocked because he`s a very principled guy. I am the black sheep. Anyway, he killed them.

Uh, he bought murder two; It is from 8 to 20 years with the Cedars. He has already done 5. The thing is, I tried to help him cover him up so he wouldn`t get caught. Obviously not my best job since he was convicted. Thus. Anyho, Neil – uh, that`s my brother – he came to a probation hearing a month ago where he had to tell the whole truth, which my involvement was part of that truth, so now the cops have a case against me, and I`m on the spot for obstruction of justice, concealing evidence and, you know, clarifying a laundry list with lower fees; Whatever. Can I smoke? Frank Cox: So now I`m myself 15 years ago. Your name appears. That`s why I`m here to take a picture. Alan Shore: And if I represented you, what exactly would our defense be? Frank Cox: I don`t know. Uh – snaps fingers Brotherly love.

They – they – they – founded a nation on this idea, didn`t they? Or at least Philadelphia! Laughs As you can see clearly, I have personality. I am testifying to good things. Judges love me. Alan Shore: Have you ever appeared in court? Frank Cox: Little things. Not so big. Alan Shore nods. Frank Cox: Please?1 The percentage of approved Tomatometers reviews that gave this film a positive rating.