Pizza Cutter Rules

A pizza cutter can do much more to make your time in the kitchen easier. These are our favorite uses for this (without slicing the pizza, of course). Try one today and rest as soon as possible. Dice the herbs by laying them flat on a cutting board and passing your pizza cutter over them several times. And any other food product much faster (and cleaner) than with a knife! Use a pizza cutter to: How often do you pull out your pizza cutter? If it`s just when you`re making pizza, you`re missing something – a lot of time. Ann Kim, the chef behind Minneapolis` Young Joni institution — home to inventive wood-fired pizzas like Broccolini pie with Calabrian chilies, Castelvetrano olives and almonds — as well as Pizzeria Lola and Hello Pizza. Kim recently won the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Midwest and also works with Wüsthof, who makes a wicked chef`s knife. We caught up with her and discussed some basic knife skills, and she explained how to optimize pizza slicing for the best results. Check out some of his top tips below: «When I started, I thought, oh, this is just a pizza cutter. They really want a nice sharp knife. Just because it`s round, it`s still a knife,» Kim says. «At the restaurant, we sharpen them professionally once a week. We want to make sure we get a clean room.

As a fan of high-quality kitchen appliances, my latest obsession is the Rösle pizza cutter. It is made of durable stainless steel that gives a polished look and sturdy weight. Considering the safety and ease of use, this pizza cutter has a comfortable handle that at the same time serves as a barrier to protect the hand of the roller. This is a big plus for me as a parent of a toddler who loves to help in the kitchen. What`s even more impressive about this pizza cutter is the lifetime warranty. I cook frequently and use a lot of kitchen utensils, so a lifetime warranty guarantees me the quality of the product. The fact that I don`t have to worry about buying a pizza cutter again is all I need. Think about how to use a traditional pizza wheel (not ones with blade lids that look like this): your arm is outstretched and you grab the wheel handle.

To make a cut, you need to push down diagonally while pushing the wheel forward. I`m not going to pretend to have a PhD in physics — I`m just a girl standing in front of a pizza wheel wondering why she`s so bad at her job — but from a physical standpoint, there are so many problems here. Fortunately, the answer can be found at about a grade 9 science level. And while wheel-shaped knives with handles are an affront to logic, there`s another style that does it right: the rocking pizza cutter. Most wheel-shaped pizza cutters have a fundamental design flaw. For this reason, they are fragile, they are impassable and, above all, they constitute an ineffective use of force. I can`t count the number of times I`ve rolled one on a cake only to find that it barely made a dent in the crust. If you`re making homemade pasta, use your pizza cutter to cut the dough into small pieces. This makes the work faster and the parts are sharper and the same size. If you have young children at home, you`re not ready to make a sandwich once you`ve put the two pieces of bread together. Use the pizza cutter to get rid of the crust and cut the sandwich into more manageable pieces.

This last grueling step will go much faster. Whether you`ve opted for delivery or worked on a homemade cake, fresh pizza is one of life`s greatest pleasures. Ideally, the crust is hot, crispy and smells slightly of yeast, and the cheese is just warm enough to peel without burning your mouth. However, slicing the pizza itself doesn`t always go so well. The pizza cutter may not be sharp enough to penetrate the crust and create jagged slices – worse, you can peel off some of the cheese in the process. As someone who slaughtered too many pizzas on late night takeout orders, I decided to contact the experts. Give your kitchen knives a break and grab the pizza cutter the next time you need to cut quickly in the kitchen. Pizza cutters are great for pizza, of course, but they can cut: Now consider the rocking pizza cutter, a simple tool consisting of a long curved blade with handles that run the entire length of the blade or rise to 90-degree angles on each side. To cut your pizza, simply grab the handles and press straight. All the power you apply will go directly into the pizza where it belongs.

Instead of rolling a wheel forward to cut the entire width of the pizza, simply swing the blade to the side while continuing to push down. With a single firm push, the pizza cutter breaks easily through the crust, whether it`s a sparkling Neapolitan slice or a thick, fluffy Sicilian cake. In addition, rocking pizza cutters are robust. Unlike pizza wheels, there are no moving parts, so a rocking pizza cutter will never break. For added flair, they come in aesthetics ranging from pretty with walnut handles to medieval weapons. Another feature I look for in kitchen utensils is their versatility. Because of its name, it may seem like this pizza cutter is only good for one thing. However, I have used it for quesadillas, flatbreads, bread dough, brownies, pies, and scones. These are just the foods I`ve tried over the past few weeks and can`t wait to see what pops up! And no matter how messy the utensil can be, cleaning is as simple as rinsing it and throwing it in the dishwasher.

It`s my kind of pizza cutter! Crushing the salad for taco night can be painful, but not if you use a pizza cutter to do it. Celery, onions, peppers and more can be cut in seconds with a pizza cutter. Let the pan cool with brownies, then use a pizza cutter to cut them into equal pieces. So much faster and cleaner than a knife, I promise. If you don`t have a pizza cutter on hand, Kim recommends a larger chef`s knife large enough to fit the circumference of your pizza. To cut, you can swing the knife back and forth; However, unlike the pizza cutter, Kim recommends waiting before you start cutting. Don`t forget to cut the pizza the second it comes out of the oven, says chef Ann Kim of Young Joni, a Minneapolis hotspot. Don`t end up with an argument in your kitchen over the biggest piece of homemade fudge. The next time you assemble a batch, cut it into equal pieces with your pizza cutter. Cut perfect strips for your mesh cake with your trusty pizza cutter. Are you a fancy cake artist? If so, try using a pizza cutter to get cleaner cuts in your fondant.

Imagine this: your pizza crust is thick and you have trouble cutting it with a pizza wheel. Intuitively, lift the handle so that it forms a steeper angle to the blade, and you can press directly down to make the cut. A steeper angle corresponds to a greater downward force. However, if you have trouble moving the wheel forward, you`ll aim for a flatter angle, drop the handle, and set it up like a pool player holding a tail. The problem is that the traditional pizza wheel asks us to cut and move forward at the same time keeping the handle at about 45 degrees. This effectively halves your strength and divides it between the two directions. Instead of getting both discounts, you get neither. Do you like to make pizza at home? Check out Food & Nutrition`s eight tips for the perfect pizza. If you have a pizza wheel and love it, I`m happy for you. However, if you have a wheel that essentially cuts a dotted line through all your pizza, a rocking pizza cutter is the clear solution. All the cheese and topping can make it difficult to cut a quesadilla without causing a mess. Use your pizza cutter and you`ll be surprised at how easy it can be.

Your Ultimate Rocking pizza cutter is also great for: Cut your child`s pancakes and waffles with this handy tool — you`ll have them ready to serve before they cool down. «If you use a wheel, there`s less chance of the cheese sticking,» says Kim. «But if you were to use a chef`s knife, for example, to cut it, I can see how the cheese could stick. What I would suggest is to have a clean cloth or paper towel available. And just carefully, lightly, wipe and then move on to the second cut. I recommend it. I also think that if you use a chef`s knife, wait for it to cool down as this prevents the cheese from sticking to a knife at room temperature. With use, the blade, like any high-quality knife, can lose its sharpness. Check out Love This Kitchen`s® high-end knife sharpening stone kits to bring it back to its ideal sharpness.

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