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Once this feature is available, you will also have the option to select a country that will enable all translated rules and display local recipes for that country from each participating MNA. A rule mode in the settings allows the user to select windsurfing, team, match, radio or kiteboard racing changes for their convenience. You can also select a country by activating all translated rules and viewing the local recipes of each participating national authority. If none of these troubleshooting options work, please contact or call US Sailing at 401.342.7900 and we will try to help. In addition to developing the World Sailing Rules app, RYA, as the member national authority for Great Britain, also publishes a number of regulations. A ruler mode in the settings allows the built-in eBook to view windsurfing, team, match, radio or kiteboard racing changes. The main difference from all other digital rules products is the integrated e-book, which intelligently links all documents together and contains the translated text of each participating national authority. This is available as an in-app purchase. While the description says I can see the rules «anytime,» I think they really mean «only if you have a live internet connection.» At least I can`t figure out how to use the app in offline mode with downloaded content – like sailing! Or maybe the content can be downloaded. And it`s a UI issue.

Great potential, but it has to be an offline mode. The RYA Rules application and all eBooks, including the «Integrated E-Book», are regularly updated with World Sailing`s changes and corrections. The first were announced after the Annual World Sailing Conference. Launched in 2016, the multilingual app was developed by RYA in collaboration with World Sailing and has proven popular with sailors and race officials around the world to ensure they have all the relevant rules information at their fingertips. The better you understand the rules, the greater your tactical advantage. is an indispensable resource for sailors, coaches, judges and other race officials. clearly and concisely indexes the rules of the race with numerous references to cases, calls and national calls. US Sailing is constantly updating our Racing Rules of Sailing app and we want to make sure you know how to maximize your experience! The following questions provide tutorials and tips on how features work. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 401.342.7900. Support by becoming a patron and contributing to the understanding and improvement of the sport of sailing. More information on the 2021-2024 RYA Racing Rules of Sailing books as well as other racing publications can be found here. The app is called World Sailing, but includes special sections for all participating NAMs (National Member Authority) where they can publish all documents related to the rules of sailing racing, such as translated rules, local regulations, case books and guides.

The «integrated eBook» links all rules documents together, allowing the user to seamlessly navigate between rules and cases, highlighting a number of cases for each rule in summary and full case detail formats. When it comes to the sailing racing rules for 2021-2024, US Sailing provides the rules whenever and wherever you want. Our flagship product, the Racing Rules app, allows you to have access to the rules at any time. US Sailing has expanded the app`s feature menu to optimize your overall experience. This NEW app gives you simplified and searchable access to rules and multimedia resources so you can reference them in real time. You can file a protest or seek redress directly from your device, draw and submit animated protest diagrams using the whiteboard feature, and much more with the NEW Race Rules app! Prior to the changes, RYA released an update to the World Sailing Rules app, giving sailors access to a «one-stop shop» for the 2021-2024 rules and related documents. This app is so much better than the previous version. Easy to navigate and search. I love Dave Perry`s reference sites and videos. A nice future improvement would be hyperlinks to rules referenced in the body of the rule.

The whiteboard is a great idea, but the boats are always head to the wind. If I could change the title of the boats on the whiteboard, it would be five stars. (iOS version) View the hearing schedule or protest decisions for the latest regattas with the jury management system. Or file a protest for a specific event. Read excerpts from Dave Perry`s Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing Through 2024 in the rulebook by clicking the red «Perry» button. Lol Since the app is designed for a mobile environment, it won`t work on a desktop platform. Please note that it will also not work on a Microsoft Surface or any other Microsoft device as it is only designed for Apple and Android environments. Note: The World Sailing 2017-2020 app was upgraded to the 2021-2024 version in December 2020. If you have already downloaded the 2017-2020 version, you can update it through the App Store or Google Play Store.

The 2021-2024 in-app eBook was also released in December 2020 and is available for in-app purchase. A built-in form allows you to file a protest or seek redress from your device. The form has the same fields as the traditional form and, once completed, creates an exportable .pdf version of the form that can be emailed to anyone (including a protest committee). The 2021-2024 navigation rules come into force on 01 January 2021. Click here to view the shared privacy policy for the World Sailing app. Please note that the app does not work on a desktop computer. In addition, there are a number of Dave Perry videos in the media library that you can access by clicking on the book icon on the main screen of the app. Manage event documents, assessment requests, hearing schedules and decisions. Competitors can then communicate electronically with officials. This version of the app includes several videos by Dave Perry explaining the rule changes, as well as direct links to documents and web pages. With the whiteboard, you can create up to six individual charts or automatically combine them into an animated chart. When you first open the feature, you get step-by-step instructions for all the icons at the top and bottom of the screen.

As soon as the translations are available, they appear in the built-in eBook. You can adjust the angle of the sails relative to the boat by double-tapping on the boat you want to adjust. This will gray out the screen while highlighting the sail, meaning it has been isolated for movement. Use one finger (as shown below) to turn the sail. When the rotation is complete, tap another location on the screen before editing other boats/sails. The World Sailing 2021-2024 App is a partnership between World Sailing and RYA to create a unique multilingual World Sailing app for the 2021-2024 Sailing Racing Rules, cases, appeals and related documents. RYA books are the only publications to include national RYA requirements and are available in a range of convenient formats, including paperless books as well as e-books. More content will be added, so be sure to check again.

This app is a quiz format with scores and points. You get an image situation and then decide which boat has violated a rule. Some chapter titles are still in the Italian original. Some interpretations of the rules seem wrong to me, such as the marking space inside the zone. Home  News  NEW Racing Rules app available for download Steen Ingerslev, Director of Publications RYA, said: «We are delighted to be working with World Sailing again. We`ve made great strides in recent years with RYA`s e-books and digital resources to ensure that popular app features like the built-in eBook are more accessible than ever. Please enable push notifications and check the app regularly to make sure you are notified when content or languages are added. If you`re having trouble choosing a boat, we recommend zooming in to make sure your fingers are correctly placed, as shown in the images below.

When you`re done, zoom out again to see the rest of the image. To access browsing rules without Wi-Fi or cellular signal, you must first access the book when connected to Wi-Fi. The World Sailing app is available on iOS devices through the Apple Store and on Android devices through Google Play. It is not available on Windows. The World Sailing Rules app can be downloaded for FREE from the Apple App Store and Google Play.