Best Family Law Solicitors Manchester Legal Aid

«The family team is extremely knowledgeable and has experts in the department, the staff is friendly and provides excellent customer service. The level of expertise in relation to their fees means that the service offered is good value for money. The team is familiar with the technology and uses it effectively. Widely recognized for her strong negotiation skills and extensive advocacy experience, Shelley is a highly qualified family law specialist with a 25-year career. As a partner and head of the family law team, she has particular expertise in divorces and complex financial negotiations, where assets include corporations, various pension plans and extensive investment portfolios. Shelley is also a member of the Law Society`s Children`s Committee and represents children and their parents in custody proceedings and, in particular, in disputes relating to withdrawal from jurisdiction. Ranked «Recommended Lawyer» in The Legal 500 and Chambers UK, Shelley is praised for her compassionate approach, realistic and honest advice and exceptional knowledge of the law. McAlister Family Law`s team of family specialists advises children and very wealthy individuals on all family-related matters, both private and public. Amanda McAlister, Managing Partner, focuses on complex pension plans and international divorces. Fiona Wood leads the Divorce and Finance Department and handles complex financial recourse cases, while Nick Hodson leads the children`s public law team, and Donna Roberts frequently receives mandates from local authorities and parents and is a respected arbitrator. Liz Cowell and Ruth Hetherington are also highly recommended. Recent additions to the team include Divorce and Family Finance partner Lisa Brown, joined in January 2022 by Maguire Family Law and Caroline Bilous by Davis Blank Furniss in April 2021.

«JMW is one of the dominant companies in the Northwest. One of the things that makes JMW unique is that they have in-house legal counsel (very rare in family law). However, they will continue to investigate cases if necessary. Family law lawyers will act on a variety of legal issues that affect your family life. Some of the most common types of family law that our Manchester office deals with are: «This firm has a team of excellent professionals who are very efficient, communicate well and always respond. These are essential traits for a family practice that often deals with difficult and sensitive issues with a caring attitude and a child-centered approach. Michelle brings an empathetic but realistic approach to her cases, is a respected divorce lawyer and family law lawyer, and can address issues of separation and divorce, prenuptial agreements and cohabitation arrangements, financial settlements, domestic violence, and child issues. As a collaborative lawyer and member of Resolution, she works closely with her clients to focus on the decisions they need to make, including the right process to reach an agreement. Michelle and her team can offer many different levels of support, from representing clients at the beginning of the legal process to the end of the case and are able to plead on behalf of their clients if they wish. Our Family Mediation Lawyers offer families in Manchester a professional and impartial mediation service that helps you and your partner work together and make decisions about your life after your separation.

The family team at BPS Family Law LLP is led by Caroline Swain, a specialist in cases such as divorce, financial settlements and child issues for high net worth individuals. The team`s child labor includes custody and maintenance disputes, especially with respect to trusts and foreign real estate. The group is particularly known for its expertise in advising members of Manchester`s Jewish community, as well as for its frequent appearances before judges, counties, high courts and courts of appeal in the north of England. «Hall Brown is the leading company in the Northwest. They have the best partners and employees and have created a truly exceptional company that represents the Northwest well. They have excellent relationships with the financial, media and business sectors of the Northwest, are excellent at counterwork and are highly respected by other lawyers. Their team is made up of smart, dedicated and friendly lawyers. Specifically highlighted by the Legal 500 as «very smart» and «excellent with clients», Gareth is managing partner of this family law firm in Manchester. With nearly 20 years of experience in divorce and family law, Gareth can advise you on a variety of cases, including those with complex and controversial finances and assets.