Blue Prism Infrastructure Requirements

Please note the minimum system requirements in the installation guide for the version of Blue Prism you have installed. For more information, see Blue Prism Help. Erlang/OTP – The version of Erlang you need depends on the version of RabbitMQ you want to use. This datasheet provides technical guidance for specifying and configuring environments for Blue Prism Interact. It is designed as a guide for indicative sizing and configuration. However, each environment varies depending on the profile of the blue prism implementation. ® .NET Framework 4.7.2 – Installed by default on Windows Server 2019. For more information about proper Erlang/OTP support, see RabbitMQ Erlang Release Requirements For proper operating system support, see Blue Prism Interact is a web interface that acts as a bridge between human and digital workers, enabling both collaboration and interaction. Accessible from a browser on any computer or mobile device, the customizable Interact web interface allows organizations to extend addressable use cases for automation from the front office to the back office.