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My experience with Peak Legal Services was the best help in Colorado, from day one they were really professional and answered all my questions before they even took my case. During my case (sex crimes), Mr. Douglas Cohen and Bonnie Smith were by my side and helped me in this difficult case, working day and night, gathering all the evidence and all the little details they could, for more than a year, step by step, to find the best solution to reject my case, Yes, They rejected my case, without even going to court. Thanks to them and the great team they have, my family and I have found their lives back, I can`t thank them enough for the great work they`ve done for me. For anyone with any type of case, I recommend the best Peak Legal Services attorneys in Colorado, you will be 100% in good hands. Mi experìencia con peak legal services. Desde El primer dia me tràtaron con respèto esta do con migo Durante mi Caso (Sexual crimes) trabajando duro dia y Noche reunîendo Todo tìpo de evidèncias Durante Todo un año , logràndo el mejor resultado como El retìro de todos Los cargos sin nesecidàd de ir a juìcio. Si alguien tiene cualquìer tìpo de problemas puedes estar segûros que estàran en las mejòres manos also de Los mejòres abogàdos de Todo Colorado Mr Douglas Cohen , Bonnie smith u su grandioso equìpo Peak legal services. I called Doug Cohen when Douglas County DHS opened a D&N and took my kids out of a safe and loving home. Doug vigorously defended himself for me and my children.

He was direct and direct in making sure I was taking the right steps throughout the case. DHS returned custody and Doug quickly dealt with a call to the state to have everything removed from my file without ever having to go to court. Doug continued to represent me in my divorce case, which we had to transfer from another state to CO, which could have been a nightmare, but Doug made the process easy and smooth for me. At the end of the divorce, not only did I mainly have parental leave and full decisions, but I was also approved to leave Colorado with my children. My ex-spouse was ordered to pay a significant amount of monthly child support, and a six-figure judgment was rendered against them for the property they had previously liquidated without my consent. As a reminder, Doug presented my case while I had ZERO PRIVILEGE for my children and a brand new CPS case. He closed my divorce file when I left Colorado with my kids, with full custody, a six-figure judgment against my ex-spouse, and a large monthly support order. Most importantly, Doug helped end a four-year struggle where my kids and I came out in one piece on the other side. Doug was the 4th lawyer I hired in 1.5 years and the only lawyer for the position! Occasionally, Todd represented me in court to represent Doug.

Todd was prepared, very experienced and had a calm demeanor, but don`t be fooled – he was assertive in court! Bonnie, Doug`s paralegal, is meticulous, detail-oriented, prompt, professional and compassionate. She is a great communicator and has continually made sure Doug and I are on the same page and never miss a deadline – she is invaluable to this office! Doug can be an avid warrior in your case when needed, but also knows when to call back and give light kicks. In court, Doug was always astute and knew the facts of my case, which helped him frequently expose the dishonesty and ineffectiveness of other parties. Doug was open to new ideas whenever we needed to discuss the case strategy, but he spoke up and was a true leader in my case when it was necessary for a positive outcome. Doug was innovative, attentive, passionate and, in my case, on the ball. I intend to continue using Doug for future legal needs, and will continue to recommend him to my friends, family and colleagues. I am convinced that he was the right choice for my case and will be the right choice for your case too! My husband was involved in a situation where he was cut off at the gas station. He verbally shouted at the man. The man called the police and accused my husband of beating him. The ambulance was also called.

He was not transported (there was nothing wrong with him). The police gave my husband a quote for assault. So we had to seek legal advice. Our experience with Doug Cohen has been excellent! He listened to us, gave us the facts and obtained the evidence necessary to drop the case. We were well informed every step of the way until the best possible outcome was achieved. I highly recommend Doug Cohen to anyone who needs legal services. I contacted Mr. Cohen from New York to help a relative with a serious legal case in Colorado. I found his law firm on the internet and was very lucky that he was a very competent lawyer.

Mr. Cohen and his staff were in regular contact with the client and me to keep abreast of what was happening and our capabilities. He also helped us by referring us to a New York lawyer to resolve the case favorably to avoid potential risks of prosecution. His staff also showed compassion during this stressful process. Our family is very grateful to Mr. Cohen and Peak Legal Services. We have great respect for Mr. Cohen`s direct honesty and the tact with which he treated our family. Our family appreciates Mr. Cohen`s precious time and dedication in our case. It provided first-class service at a fast pace. Every time he was contacted, he responded in a short period of time and never made us wait for a callback.

Mr. Cohen examined and researched our situation and discovered a flaw in the charges that resulted in the charges being dropped. We recommend Mr. Cohen and Peak Legal Services to anyone who needs great and caring lawyers. We have been so blessed that Mr. Cohen represents our situation. I was referred to Doug in July 2022 for drunk driving in Cheyenne, WY (Laramie County). Since I had never had a previous charge in my life and therefore did not really know how to proceed, I pleaded guilty to impaired driving at my first hearing. I contacted several lawyers in my hometown, none of whom answered my calls when they learned that I was pleading guilty. So I panicked because I had no idea how to navigate the «system» I was facing (WY DOT, my prescribed ETG tests, my court-ordered substance abuse assessment, etc.). I was eventually referred to Doug, and after the experience I had with previous lawyers, I didn`t expect much.

I told him at the beginning of the call that I had pleaded guilty, and not only did he spend 30 minutes advising me on that first call, but he informed me that he did not want to take money because he pleaded guilty as he pleaded guilty, he was not sure what he could do! Nothing at all I expected. However, his help didn`t stop there. Over the next three weeks, we exchanged emails (to which he always responded promptly) advising me on the following questions: 1) As this was my first offense, he informed me of WY 7-13-301 The Destanded Conviction First Offender Statute, which allows the court to put the defendant on probation and whether these probation conditions are met, The original charge is dismissed. I made this request and it was granted! I didn`t even know I would ask this if Doug hadn`t existed. It probably saved my career, otherwise I would have had a drunk driving conviction on my record for 10 years. 2) He suggested that I write a letter to the presiding judge and the AD prior to my conviction, to let them know that this was the first offence and why I thought I was eligible for the deferred conviction, which I did. 3) He guided me in my dealings with the Wyoming Department of Transportation to apply for a trial license that was granted. It has also helped me avoid damage to my career, as I can still commute to work every day. 4) He helped me prepare for my SAT/ASI assessment. As a result, I received the recommendation I received for the minimum course of 8 hours DUI. During our email correspondence, I again offered to pay an advance for his help, but since he felt there was not much he could do because of my guilty plea, he did not accept it.

I can`t tell you how impressive it still is for me, especially after my first attempt at advice. Not only are Doug and his firm highly respected by others in his legal profession (the lawyer who referred me to Doug is a leader in his field in Colorado), but I can attest from my experience that he is an honest and ethical person who clearly wants to help.