Query to Get Legal Entity in Oracle Fusion Hcm

As you can see, every business can have multiple legal entities. Then, multiple business units can be assigned to each LE. So, if you need to find the legal entity of the business unit, here is your request: If you are in a hurry to know the details of the legal entity (LE), the query is: Select LEGAL_ENTITY_ID, LEGAL_ENTITY_IDENTIFIER, NAME, xle_entity_profiles 25% off Oracle Apps R12 Financials Self Paced Course as well as 11 additional add-on courses (321 session videos from 120-hour recordings). Our trendiest course with 1700 Udemy students enrolledPlease see www.oracleappstechnical.com for more details Although I was unable to contribute to the thread, I want to share the result as it will be useful to a wider audience. All this thanks to those who asked the question helped to arrive at the final request (Rajesh, Amrit, MKG, Yaswanth). Select legEnt.name LE_NAME, hou.name BU_Name fromxle_entity_profiles legEnt, hr_operating_units houwhere 1=1and hou. DEFAULT_LEGAL_CONTEXT_ID(+) = legEnt.LEGAL_ENTITY_ID Last week, there was an interesting discussion on Cloud Customer Connect about whether it is possible to query the Legislative Data Group (GLG) on Legal Entity (LE). The blog provides the SQL query to retrieve the details of the organizational structure in Oracle Fusion with legal entity mapping, business unit, legal entity record, and general ledger mapping for the defined organizational structure SincerelySridevi Koduru (Oracle Apps Senior Oracleappstechnical.com)LinkedIn Profile – Contact in.linkedin.com/in/sridevi-koduru-9b876a8bPlease for one-on-one Oracle Apps online training Technical, financial, SCM, SQL, PL/SQL, D2K to training@oracleappstechnical.com | +91 – 9581017828. First, let`s look at where we`re going to score the LDG with LE. Their blogs are easily accessible and quite revealing, so keep doing the amazing guys.erp software dubai work But if you have a moment, let me give you some basic information. At a high level, the company structure in Fusion looks like this: I hope it will be useful to you if you have to deal with LDG for an employee. Go to Configuration and Maintenance > Manage HCM information for legal entities > search for LE and click > Payroll tab Legal Unit By the way, here (India) or here (other regions) are some unconventional tricks I learned to improve BI report performance.

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Thank you. Quality contributions are crucial to invite visitors to visit the website, which this website offers. Suggestions for new business names As you can see, an external connection has been used, which means that an LE can live without a BU attached to it. Thank you for sharing this great information about Oracle SOA. In fact, I was looking for the same information on the internet for SOA interview questions and came across your blog. I am impressed with the information you have on this blog. This shows how well you understand this topic, you can learn more about SOA by taking the Oracle SOA training. If you need to find the relationship of LE with other objects in Fusion, try these articles. Fusion LoV Queries: LE, Business Unit, Inventory, Sub InventoryBusiness Unit – LE – Ledger / Set of Books Relationship Query ####We are looking for Oracle Apps professionals with 4-10 years of experience in PL-SQL, Workflow, OAF and XML Publisher, preferably in P2P modules for Gurugram, India. If you think you are checking the invoice, click here We`re sorry this article wasn`t helpful to you! First of all, you have a great blog.

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