Reddit Rules on Self Promotion

1. Different subreddits prefer different types of titles r/Fashion is a subreddit that focuses on fashion news, design, and clothing. It has over 300,000 members and is the perfect community for fashion-conscious Redditors who want to stay up to date with the latest fashion news. I totally agree with that. I believe that malicious self-promoters who throw their content everywhere are one thing, but because they need to be punished, gullible self-promoters also look skeptical of Sauron and are also listening. «It`s perfectly fine to be a Redditor with a website, it`s not okay to be a website with a Reddit account.» – Confucius What would happen is that Reddit would be inundated with people spamming their here. That should be pretty obvious. Anyone who has a blog or Youtube channel would promote it here. Anyone who has an online store would be there to promote it. 2: Users who flood silent subReddits with their blog posts. Especially if it`s only vaguely up-to-date and/or really little effort. NB.

Such a campaign can be hosted on other subreddits as it is not exclusive to r/Funny. You can also promote/host the campaign via social media and then post it to the appropriate subreddit community feeds. Well, it`s supposed to be a «guideline» where if you see a poster that promotes itself a lot, you can tell whether or not they`re acting in good faith. I believe that when I post my content, I always act in good faith, because here too I know how to do it. The question is: how do you advertise on Reddit yourself and get away with it? Overall, it is a cultural thing that is unfortunately managed by the people at the top. Shooting self-promoted content with an avalanche of negative votes because it`s literally a poster displaying its own content is the result and bad faith is always, always, always implied. You can improve your promotion by creating multiple accounts on Reddit. For example, maintain a special subreddit for your brand from one account and start chats from others. Keep in mind that Reddit closely monitors whether users band together for promotion and may prevent them from doing so. Reddit has strict rules for new accounts, so if you try to create a promotional post on a new account with 0 karma, the post will be permanently blocked and considered spam.

For example, if you want to know how to promote music on Reddit, join relevant subreddits like r/WeAreTheMusicMakers or r/music theory and explore the type of posts that grab the most attention from that audience. Then follow their strategy when you create your message. The problem, I think, is that most self-promotion people do it in the shittest way, spamming their videos only to vaguely related subtitles or even completely independent subtitles. And there are a lot of them, so when I see something that even looks like self-promotion, I`m already skeptical before I even read the post. If the subreddit allows, include internal links in the body of the content. – I have my own subreddit. Yes, I try to follow the rules as faithfully as possible and promote my subreddit in all my videos. However, since my subscriber base is so small, I`m backfilling the content of my subreddit, making my 10% self-promotion completely inaccurate. Another option is to submit a karma increase request on a special /r/FreeKarma subreddit created to make users beg for some karma. However, you shouldn`t just write a request. Instead, provide a matching photo next to your request of a funny dog, beautiful girl, happy kitten, etc. To avoid «spamming-related» calls from other Redditors, keep these few rules in mind: We`ve made a few small changes to our self-promotion wiki and FAQ language to make it clear that comments and intent should also be considered when determining a spammer.

The bottom line is instead of: subreddits are communities of Reddit users that take years to build. These communities are heavily focused on specific topics and are not friendly to users who post content that discourages the topic or promotes itself. It`s best to contact a moderator to get permission to promote your gift on their subreddit before doing so. You need to prove that your gift is relevant or valuable to the community. 3: Users who are locked in the shadows and approve their own posts for a subReddit I read or require me to approve every submission they make in a subReddit I mod. Most of the censorship of moderators on reddit is not for «buy watch cheep cheep dress The Interview Sony Hack saline solution» with links to tumblr blog wrap links. It`s for people who say «That`s bullshit, you`re an idiot, fuck yourself» – oops, someone quickly deletes their comment to spare proles the need to read it and decide whether to agree and vote for or against. Reddit is unlike any other place on the web – it`s all about community, discussion, and sharing. Honor that and you`ll love it here. I`d like to see clarification on whether subreddits like r/comics, which encourage content creators to publish their own work and give their content creators a special flair, could be exempted from this rule.

I know it`s a rule of thumb and most of these people are active in comments anyway, but it would be a shame to see someone being discouraged from doing great things for reddit. You need to get some karma so Reddit knows you`re not just here to do your thing and leave. Karma occurs when you contribute meaningfully to discussions on the platform, and this is a very organic thing. So don`t go there and post replies in one word. They need to deliver as much value as possible. What I like to do is go to subreddits where I know a lot about the subject (like /r/entrepreneur) and answer all questions with deep and meaningful answers. I understand that no one wants a social media team to make Reddit their next conquest, but let`s take journalism for a second. Let`s say I`m writing for a serious publication, I get a great story, and in my humble opinion, I`m writing a damn good story. If I`m the first to post such a story on Reddit and something like, «I`m writing for white, I wrote this story about emptiness, what do you think?» This may sound like cliché advice – but the real key to success in using the community content promotion technique is to add value to the wayyyyyyy group before you even start advertising. What is Reddit? Reddit is essentially a huge forum with several subforums covering different interests. Which also means there will be at least a few subreddits that deal with what you like. It can be anything — your hobby, your job, the country you live in, your favorite shows — there will be a subreddit for it.

However, to help you in your cause, I suggest you keep your history free of promotional messages. Here are 2 rules of thumb that I personally follow: That being said, most major subreddits require you to have a modicum of karma before you can start posting anyway, so collect them. If you need to increase traffic to your website (at least temporarily), ask people to rate design on subreddits: design criticism or web design. However, Reddit really is its own special animal, isn`t it? Post a promotional message on the same subreddit every 2-3 weeks. Important: You must have a certain level of karma to place a link in a comment or post. Many subreddits prohibit commenting on accounts with karma under a certain brand. What for? Because reddit is a community, not a platform for self-promotion. Here are some of these subreddits you should join: If your brand is part of a specific Reddit community (subreddit), you`ll have little trouble hosting your gift on Reddit. If you find that Reddit doesn`t offer the right tools to organize your gift, you can use VYPER to organize your gift. Then, simply advertise on Reddit by asking users to follow the link to your gift landing page (built with VYPER). To advertise on Reddit, you need to ask permission from the administrators of the respective subreddit, as neither admins nor users tolerate aggressive advertising. To convince them, present your link in the best possible way.

For example, describe a problem people face and explain how your product can solve it, or share a case study. Your message should add value to the audience and involve them in the discussion. Karma is the rating you get to post and comment on Reddit. Your number of upvotes may increase or decrease depending on whether your posts or comments receive positive votes and vice versa. With high karma, your words are more likely to be reliable, but with low karma, this probability is lower. Some subreddits don`t allow you to post and comment on documents until you reach a certain level of karma. If this is a practice you already follow, then great! If not, I hope it has been helpful to you. We still have the general discussion about «content creators on reddit» and thought this little treat was worth revisiting. In some cases, you can even create a separate subreddit to represent your brand.

Example: «r/MyProduct». Here, attendees can communicate with you as a product representative, ask questions on the topic or suggest improvements. – I hate self-promotion. I know I create good content, but I hate having to be the guy who has to put it in a bunch of places for people to see because you don`t automatically see your video just because you know how the editing software works or how to edit properly or there`s good news or you`ve spent dozens of hours doing it. Create your video. When I promote myself, I make sure it`s a good starting point for conversation and that it`s placed in relevant places. If I do a one-hour review of the Max Payne trilogy, I think readers of r/maxpayne, r/rockstargames, and r/gaming will respond.