Renato Russo Johnny Era Um Cara Legal

João Roberto was the MajorOur Johnny was a nice guy I`ve always been crazy about fantasy, imagining a thousand other possible endings for every couple, including Legion songs. He could sing westerns from one end to the other. And he loved Eduardo and Monica, she was super savvy, in a half-clear pub and Eduardo was drooling. ha!! But, wow, what a cool blog!! I love reading the comments, although I have never stopped commenting and mine, even the author of the book comments on this blog #SuperCurti!! I think I will be addicted to comments as I am already addicted to reading posts and comments. I confess that I do not remember this song, but when it dies, as Catarina Pinheiro comments. Forgive me Simone Pesci, but I`m already suffering and I don`t want to read no: «(I hate novels with sad endings. But I swear I will read your other writings Simone Pesci rsrsrsHugs Leninha, thank you for the effort to keep this blog always up to date. This week «Chorus» contains the song «Sixteen» by Renato Russo. The song, which tells the story of a young man who died in a car accident, is sung by the Brazilian band Capital Urbana.

The group was founded in 2006 in Brasilia. The members, all passionate about rock n roll, decided to play the national repertoire of the 80s, especially Brazilian rock. As the name suggests, the songs of the groups Capital Inicial and Legião Urbana are among the choices. TV Justiça presents the new version on Sunday (21), at 20h, with alternative schedules on Tuesday, at 18h, Wednesday, 13h30 and Saturday at 20h30. The next day, said the directorThe student João Roberto is no longer with usHe was only sixteen years old, let this serve as a warning to you Marília Mendonça, Jorge and Mateus, Henrique and Juliano, Gusttavo Lima and more. The machines readyA snoring engineThe whole city has moved. That`s what I`ve always wondered, Rudy. Now I finally have the answer to one of them. Know the story behind the song, you will love it. Bjs Leninhaaaa. What a pleasure to know that you have enjoyed sixteen years.

o/o/o/ I always listened to the song and imagined it as a book/movie, and before writing it, I researched if there was an interpretation of the song. By the way, I`m pretty glad you didn`t get the physical book, because this second edition is better structured, with changes and depth, something I didn`t have time to do in the first issue when the book was hastily published to be at the Biennale. Thank you for taking the time to read. BeijossssssSimone The program also has the participation of the president of OAB / DF, Estefânia Viveiros. 🙂 It is truly a book that evokes our emotions and gives us unforgettable memories of a time of pure nostalgia that was part of an entire generation. The story of this second edition surprised me positively by the sensitivity and emotion that the author placed on its pages. The end left me speechless. I`m still looking forward to a second-generation story. That would be very touching! I loved your story, I loved meeting Johnny and Ana, after all, it was a great pleasure to read this reading.

Bjs And coming out of class, it was strange and beautifulEveryone was singing softly. «- The student João Roberto is no longer with us Vitória,Read the second edition (in digital form). The book has been revised and is «much better/more intense» than the physical version that was hastily published to be at the Biennale. Day 10/02 (my birthday) it will be available free of charge in digital form. Just keep an eye on the book page. HugssssSimone Johnny was too beastly to waver like thatAnd what they say was© everythingBecause of a broken heart, you only give good advice, friend. And your review is perfect, I just received compliments. Bjs He had a blue meta-opalHe was the king of handles on the south wingsAnd everywhere he found a flaw in the lyrics? Please send a correction > And to this day©, who remembersSSays that it was not the CaminhÃoNor the fatal curve, nor the explosion on 7.

September, listen to songs and artists that are the pride of Brazil When he grabbed the guitarConquered the girlsAnd who else wanted to haveDid you know that all the Zeppelin led by Janisdo, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones Give this digital a chance, you will not regret it. So tell me. Bjs In the series, they analyze the story of João Roberto, the character of Renato Russo in the song. The young seducer begins to have a strange behavior and ends up dying by participating in a crack. It is important that the person has more knowledge, that he has studied, that he has lived life situations in order to be able to take a car, because it is a risk.